Curbside Creation

It’s that time of year again in my neighborhood… bulky item collection time! Everyone is getting rid of things they no longer want and I’m seeing extra pick up trucks lurking around, scavenging through the piles before the city dump trucks swing through. I’ve never gone searching or seen anything interesting while walking Havok but this old beat up dresser just happened to catch my attention while on my way to work the other morning. 
My first instinct was to turn it into a dresser planter like this super cute one below by Perfectly Imperfect but the hubs insisted on bringing it into the house.
To replace the missing lid, a piece of wood was cut at Lowe’s and glued on with wood glue.To hide the seams, I used wood veneer strips that already had adhesive on the back. I simply cut the wood veneer with scissors and used my heat gun to melt the glue onto the surface while gently pressing it in place.
Instead of trying to replace the missing doors, we went with plexiglass (also cut to size at Lowe’s). We toyed with the idea of marbles and lighting but decided on going with silk rose petals from Hobby Lobby. The marbles were just too heavy and we were afraid they would push the plexiglass out. We didn’t feel like being bothered with the lighting because of the extra drilling and finding a wall with a free plug. I’m really happy with the way the rose petals turned out. I love the way it adds texture and a subtle softness to the piece. The pulls (commonly known as knobs but to me there are furniture pulls and there are knobs. Two different things!) were picked up at my favorite antique shop, Antiques on Hildebrand, here in San Antonio. If you’re in the area, you MUST stop by there. Micklo is the best and he will help you find whatever you need all while keeping you entertained! The pulls were originally brass but they were spray painted.
And she’s done! The pictures don’t show the paint job very well but the drawers and the sides are a matte black while the top, trimming, legs, and pulls are a glossy black. Black furniture can look very heavy so I made the contrast in order to lighten it a little and add interest. I didn’t plan this but the silk flowers actually have matte and shiny petals so it brings out the contrast in the paint so everything worked out great!

Happy New Year!!!

Happy 2014! It’s New Years Day and I’m kicking it off by sipping on my favorite new sparkling cocktail and working on a project (post coming soon). I just wanted to share this because it’s such a cute little cocktail. Its a Wild Hibiscus Champagne cocktail. Its really simple. Just toss in the Wild Hibiscus and top with champagne or sparkling wine. You can add a little of the syrup to get more of the Hibiscus flavor but I chose not to because I love seeing the texture  of the Hibiscus through the champagne flute.


If you’re new to Wild Hibiscus, you aren’t the only one. I ran into a tasting at Spec’s the other week and was introduced to it. I was very skeptical because it doesn’t look like a typical flower. The texture was a bit awkward when I first began chewing it.  It felt somewhat animalistic. I’ve never had clams or calamari because I’m not that big on seafood & the texture of the Hibiscus is how I imagined the clams/calamari would feel. Once I got over that, the flavor was a sweet, fruity delight! It was like a mix of cherry, strawberry and cranberry. You can find the Wild Hibiscus on Amazon.


It’s December 30th and the fact that I turned 30 (on Friday the 13th) is finally soaking in.  I must say it was an absolutely wonderful birthday! I thought I’d be in tears when the clock struck 3:11 P.M., which is the official time I popped into this world but it didn’t really get to me like I expected (and yes I was holding on to 29 ’til the very last second!). It probably helped that I got all the crying out at 29 though (too much champagne on the wrong day!). Anyhow I must say that this 30 thing isn’t so bad. Im sure all of my secretly stressing myself out over it had a larger aging effect than actually turning one year older. Quite honestly after having three surgeries this year, I should’ve been ecstatic to celebrate yet another year. Maybe being in the 30 something crew will mean that I’ll start to wise up, stop sweating the small things and just enjoy every year. 
Here’s my cake! I was excited like a little fat kid when I saw it. That night I had a surprise dinner at one of our favorite sexy little hangouts, The Esquire Tavern, here in San Antonio and the mister gave me this lovely cake from Cupcake Couture. Isn’t it cute?! They really did an amazing job. It was the perfect shade of turquoise, the logo was exact AND it was delicious…moist… the icing had the perfect amount of sweetness….mmmm! Flashback on all that deliciousness! He doesn’t know it yet but he just set himself up for ALL following birthdays;)


Merry Christmas!!!

I saved my favorite ornament that I made for last. I was about to toss the feathers because they were a part of another ornament that fell apart and I was tired, sticky, covered in glitter and all I wanted to do was go to bed but I couldn’t bring myself to throw away feathers. Glad I snapped out of it and came to my senses. I’ve done variations of a peacock Christmas tree for three years now so its time to hang this up. Already came up with a theme for next year’s tree. It’s going to be the most fabulous yet!

Cream Cheese Pound Cake

This cream cheese pound cake turned out soooo moist and delicious. This was my first success (2 total attempts) at the infamous southern favorite. The first time was a complete disaster (don’t EVER try to beat a pound cake by hand/whisk). I must say that I am patting myself on the back. To get the cake recipe go to AllRecipes.
For the cream cheese icing recipe, check out my post on red velvet cupcakes.


Think New. Buy Used.

I am in love with my new couches! They are not actually new at all but they are new to me. The pieces are from  Furniture For A Cause which is operated by SAMMinistries here in San Antonio, TX. The great thing about this establishment is when you purchase new or gently used furniture, 100 percent of that money goes to SAMMinistries to fund their mission of helping the homeless (and at risk homeless individuals) by providing shelter, food, employment and furniture for individuals and families when they get back on their feet. I’m able to walk out with a smile on my face and furniture without feeling guilty for buying yet another piece of furniture that I really don’t need but HAD to have. I don’t know if you’ve checked out any of my other posts but furniture is my thing. My favorite part of the store is the gently used section because they have a lot of cool vintage pieces. 

I have never been a fan of jean couches. Look beyond the denim and you can see that these couches have great bones. The clean lines were a major selling point. Plus the couches were heavy which is a good sign the furniture has a solid wood frame. Luckily on the day we found these couches, there was a really nice chair on display in the front of the store that was upholstered by Mr. Joe Franks. We contacted him and he was able to do the job for us. 
{Before: 2 piece sectional}
Fabric Samples
His Sectional: Gray Tweed
Her Sofa: Gray Leopard Print
The most expensive part about this project was the fabric. I mistakenly thought I needed half as many yards of fabric the sofa required, so I went with the leopard because it was 50 percent off. At $26 per yard, it was still pricey but I was set on it by the time I was corrected on how many yards I really needed.  Luckily the tweed fabric cost half as much per yard so it wasn’t so bad on the pockets.


Mr. Franks really did a fabulous job on the upholstery! 
As you can see I’ve already begun to change things around. I didn’t really like the black and white rug with the new gray set. I was looking for a softer feel and an eggplant color just kept popping up in my mind. 
We also picked up two really nice credenzas there a few months ago. 
Credenza I from Furniture For A Cause 
“Credenza I” has a crazy little story. The sliver mirrored piece on the right was damaged while being moved into the house (it was so heavy it took three men!). I thought I’d have a heart attack (drama queen, I know) when I saw how bad it looked. I was ready to give up the whole piece. Fortunately we decided to keep it and after a few hours of trying to come up with ways to repair it, the mister came up with the idea of going to a trophy shop and getting them to cut a piece of silver mirrored plaque metal and it matched perfectly. In the future, I plan on using this technique to jazz up another piece. Maybe on the legs of an end table or a chair. 
Below is the damaged side (left) and the trophy plaque metal to repair it (right). The new metal came with adhesive on the back but I added some heavy duty glue and used my heat gun so it would melt evenly over the wood. I then taped it in place with painter’s tape until the following morning to make sure it dried good.
Credenza II from Furniture For A Cause
We purchased both Credenzas for $125 a piece. Both are very solid and heavy pieces. Credenza I is solid wood and Credenza II is mostly wood with some laminate (the top and legs are trimmed in laminate). 
When furnishing, don’t be afraid to mix in old/used (or to be fancy, vintage) pieces in with new ones. All it takes is a little imagination to refresh and make them a unique part of your home. 

Greek Salad Dressing

This is a very simple salad dressing recipe. What I love about it the most is that it’s delicious and the ingredients are staples in my kitchen. Just toss all the ingredients in the food processor and in 15 minutes everything is complete. Prep time included!
3/4 Cup olive oil
Juice of 2 lemons
3-4 Teaspoons dried oregano
1 Fresh garlic clove
2 Tablespoons red wine
1 Teaspoon sea salt
1 Teaspoon sugar
1/2 Teaspoon black pepper
2 Heads of Romaine lettuce
Greek olives
Sun dried tomato
Roma tomato
Feta cheese
Banana pepper
Red onion
{squeezing lemon juice}
Above: The end result. The dressing is so pink because I used Pinot Noir (dark red wine) instead of red wine vinegar.  Whenever a recipe calls for red or white wine vinegar, I use the real thing. Pinot Noir works very well because it isn’t too bitter and has a little tinge of sweetness. Once the dressing is tossed in with the salad the color will be near transparent.
                     The end result. Bon Appétit!

1920s Opulency

Love, love, love the glamour of the Roaring Twenties. A girl can’t help but to daydream of what it may have been like to live in that era filled with decadence, a new sense of freedom, the Harlem Renaissance, Women’s Rights… I could go on! I’ve always loved the book “The Great Gatsby” and I can’t wait to see this film.