Fresh off the press

How to: Newspaper nails 

I typically don’t do nail art but I thought this was really 
neat so I gave it a try.It was surprisingly very easy.If 
you decide to try this though, make sure you don’t rub 
the paper when you are applying it. I thought it would
 help to transfer the ink but it doesn’t. It turns 
out better when you apply a steady press.
1. Choose a base coat, light 
colored polish and a high gloss
 top coat.
2. UV lamp for fast drying. 
The Seche top coat I use has to 
be cured with the lamp.


3. Cut newspaper strips. Place 
strips in rubbing alcohol for 15 
seconds. Remove newspaper & press 
firmly on nail for 10 seconds. 
Do not rub.
4. Peel off newspaper and the ink 
is transferred to your nails.
Apply top coat.


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