Pink Front Door

Nothing says, “Welcome” like a hot pink door! When seeing this bold and unexpected thing of beauty, I couldn’t help but to 
daydream about what I’d find behind that door. No stalker! j/k
Below, I’ve created a mood board of what I think is behind it (more like what I would put behind it!). 

So what do you think? Would you consider a pink door? 


  1. absolutely love the pink door…I’d been thinking about what color to paint my front door…I think I’m going to paint the front door red….but the door to my bedroom…seriously considering this magical pink shade…the bedroom is where all the magic happens anyways…

  2. I think you should definitely go for the pink door! esp. since its your favorite color. I ran the pink front door by Jaime and he said any color but pink-lol! I guess the both of us are going to eventually end up with a pink door somewhere inside the house.

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