Headboard Banger

This headboard was a year and a half in the making. Yeah, I procrastinate. Back in summer of ’10 my former neighbor was having a yard sale and I spotted this formerly beat up headboard in the corner. She sold it to me for $25. The fabric was a hideous yellow, greenish exorcist puke type of color and it was plagued with chipped paint all over. I sanded it down and removed the old fabric. I chose a black high gloss paint for the frame and chose a black, silver, and grey fabric for it. Once I got the fabric home, I realized that the pattern would not flow in the right direction so I went back to the drawing board until I found new fabric that would fit it perfectly. My husband nagged me constantly about what I was going to do with it and I’d always reply, “I’ll get to it”.

Fast forward to January 2012….


Earlier this week I came home and the work on the headboard was already in session! Guess he’d gotten tired of it being propped up outside the house. He went with the black paint that I’d chosen but did something completely different than I would have done with the trim, which is apply black river rocks (rocks $6). I was skeptical when he told me about it but it worked really nicely.

We picked out the black floral fabric and 1″ foam backing from Joann’s Fabrics for a total of $75. Measuring, adjusting, and nailing the foam & fabric to the frame and enclosing it was a bit tricky because he had his way and I had mine, but 1 hour later it worked out perfectly. You don’t have to wonder who’s way won this battle! I don’t watch HGTV religiously for no reason. But, I must give credit where credit is due. Good job Mister!

♥ The Missus


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