Introducing Havok.

I just couldn’t resist posting my lazy little critter. This is Havok. I was in the market for a min pin puppy but instead I ended up adopting a 6 year old min pin. I guess those SPCA commercials promoting the adoption of older dogs convinced me.

Despite his previously given name (the mister added a middle name, “Bartholomew” lol), he doesn’t cause havoc. No stains on my rugs, chewed up cords or heels. Just long walks, quick games of chase, and a lot of naps under his blanket. I’d say I made a great choice!


  1. @Meg Adopting my pet has been awesome! I’d never consider a puppy mill again and I try to convince other people looking for pets to do the same:) And thanks so much for the feedback. Im thrilled that you love it:D

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