Goodwill Hunting

Just when I’d decided that my hunt at the Goodwill was a total bust, I bumped into this little 1960s cabinet. My first thought was, “Who would send this to the Goodwill? Must be crazy!”. Or maybe I am the crazy one for being such a big mid-century modern enthusiast. Sure it had a little wear and tear but nothing a few hours of DIY couldn’t fix. At the price of $24.99, it was SOLD!
Since the wood veneer was badly damaged in some areas, I scraped it off and replaced it with wood veneer strips. I bought the pack of strips with adhesive already applied at Lowe’s for about $10. The strips were simple to cut. All you need is a good pair of sharp scissors. Other rehab items included: paint scraper (to remove veneer), sandpaper, aluminum foil, iron, paint.
The iron is to melt the veneer adhesive to the furniture. The foil is just to protect the iron from the adhesive.
I really didn’t want to remove the original veneer here because it would’ve been too much work for such a small problem. Instead, I cut a small piece of veneer that was the same shape of the nick to fill it in and then sanded it. The picture below is one of many nicks I filled in. 
This is probably my favorite color (for the moment) but I’m sure you noticed!
I am more than thrilled with the results!!! Overall the project was easy. I thought repairing the wood would be hard but it was a breeze. The only trouble that I came into was keeping the little metal ‘x’ decals on the doors paint free. I tried taping them but it didn’t work out. I eventually got stressed out and painted over them but before the paint dried, I just knew I’d regret it so I grabbed a Q-tip and some rubbing alcohol to get the paint off. Worked like a champ. Overall this project cost me about $48 (including the price of the cabinet). Can’t beat that price for a one of a kind piece!


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