1970s Dresser Before and After

When beginning this blog, I intended on posting various things I like but somehow it has turned into DIY before and after furniture. I just cant help myself! There is something about taking a piece the previous owner considered ugly or dated and turning it into something new and beautiful that amazes me. 
Old brass pull (left) vs. new brass pull (right)
Somehow I missed the broken brass knobs when I purchased the dresser so I had to replace the set of three. It took 6 months of scavenging through EBay (I swear I went through 400 hundred sets, at least) to find pulls because there was always some issue like not being large enough, not being a set of at least 3, the screws were not in the correct position, or I flat out lost the bid. I almost gave up and did the god-awful double knob at one point but I’m so happy I didn’t. I don’t know what came over me because those typically turn out really bad!
I ended up drilling a new hole in the center of the existing holes because the new one has a single screw. Luckily, the dimensions of the new brass pull covered the old double holes so I didn’t have to fill in any holes. 
Originally, I was going to do a little pop of color on the insides of the the drawers with some leftover turquoise paint but I honestly didn’t feel like hauling the drawers outside and waiting for the paint to dry. I’d had enough of that with all of the coats of gray paint I used on the exterior. I got the idea of doing the leopard print on the inside of the drawers one day while I was drawing leopard print on my nails with nothing other than sharpies (all those nail art pens are just too complicated!).
Oh… almost forgot. I Purchased the dresser for $50, knobs for $20, paint was $14, and the pack of sharpies for $5. Not bad for $90!


  1. @ Jazz Thank you for that info! I just checked out Miss Mustard Seed’s site for the first time and I love it! I will definitely post on Friday.

  2. Love this!! I’m into these big old dressers now. So much fun to paint! Glad you found some knobs!! lol (Psst,,,your bottom drawer needs to go in the middle!! see your dresser before you painted)
    Awesome idea on the leopard print!! Very clever.
    Great job al the way around!!

  3. @ Beth Thanks for stopping by:) Glad you loved it. And thanks for pointing out that drawer! After all these months I don’t think I would have ever noticed but now that you’ve pointed it out, I don’t see how I missed it. Thank you!

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