It’s December 30th and the fact that I turned 30 (on Friday the 13th) is finally soaking in.  I must say it was an absolutely wonderful birthday! I thought I’d be in tears when the clock struck 3:11 P.M., which is the official time I popped into this world but it didn’t really get to me like I expected (and yes I was holding on to 29 ’til the very last second!). It probably helped that I got all the crying out at 29 though (too much champagne on the wrong day!). Anyhow I must say that this 30 thing isn’t so bad. Im sure all of my secretly stressing myself out over it had a larger aging effect than actually turning one year older. Quite honestly after having three surgeries this year, I should’ve been ecstatic to celebrate yet another year. Maybe being in the 30 something crew will mean that I’ll start to wise up, stop sweating the small things and just enjoy every year. 
Here’s my cake! I was excited like a little fat kid when I saw it. That night I had a surprise dinner at one of our favorite sexy little hangouts, The Esquire Tavern, here in San Antonio and the mister gave me this lovely cake from Cupcake Couture. Isn’t it cute?! They really did an amazing job. It was the perfect shade of turquoise, the logo was exact AND it was delicious…moist… the icing had the perfect amount of sweetness….mmmm! Flashback on all that deliciousness! He doesn’t know it yet but he just set himself up for ALL following birthdays;)


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