Curbside Creation

It’s that time of year again in my neighborhood… bulky item collection time! Everyone is getting rid of things they no longer want and I’m seeing extra pick up trucks lurking around, scavenging through the piles before the city dump trucks swing through. I’ve never gone searching or seen anything interesting while walking Havok but this old beat up dresser just happened to catch my attention while on my way to work the other morning. 
My first instinct was to turn it into a dresser planter like this super cute one below by Perfectly Imperfect but the hubs insisted on bringing it into the house.
To replace the missing lid, a piece of wood was cut at Lowe’s and glued on with wood glue.To hide the seams, I used wood veneer strips that already had adhesive on the back. I simply cut the wood veneer with scissors and used my heat gun to melt the glue onto the surface while gently pressing it in place.
Instead of trying to replace the missing doors, we went with plexiglass (also cut to size at Lowe’s). We toyed with the idea of marbles and lighting but decided on going with silk rose petals from Hobby Lobby. The marbles were just too heavy and we were afraid they would push the plexiglass out. We didn’t feel like being bothered with the lighting because of the extra drilling and finding a wall with a free plug. I’m really happy with the way the rose petals turned out. I love the way it adds texture and a subtle softness to the piece. The pulls (commonly known as knobs but to me there are furniture pulls and there are knobs. Two different things!) were picked up at my favorite antique shop, Antiques on Hildebrand, here in San Antonio. If you’re in the area, you MUST stop by there. Micklo is the best and he will help you find whatever you need all while keeping you entertained! The pulls were originally brass but they were spray painted.
And she’s done! The pictures don’t show the paint job very well but the drawers and the sides are a matte black while the top, trimming, legs, and pulls are a glossy black. Black furniture can look very heavy so I made the contrast in order to lighten it a little and add interest. I didn’t plan this but the silk flowers actually have matte and shiny petals so it brings out the contrast in the paint so everything worked out great!

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