Happy New Year!!!

Happy 2014! It’s New Years Day and I’m kicking it off by sipping on my favorite new sparkling cocktail and working on a project (post coming soon). I just wanted to share this because it’s such a cute little cocktail. Its a Wild Hibiscus Champagne cocktail. Its really simple. Just toss in the Wild Hibiscus and top with champagne or sparkling wine. You can add a little of the syrup to get more of the Hibiscus flavor but I chose not to because I love seeing the texture  of the Hibiscus through the champagne flute.


If you’re new to Wild Hibiscus, you aren’t the only one. I ran into a tasting at Spec’s the other week and was introduced to it. I was very skeptical because it doesn’t look like a typical flower. The texture was a bit awkward when I first began chewing it.  It felt somewhat animalistic. I’ve never had clams or calamari because I’m not that big on seafood & the texture of the Hibiscus is how I imagined the clams/calamari would feel. Once I got over that, the flavor was a sweet, fruity delight! It was like a mix of cherry, strawberry and cranberry. You can find the Wild Hibiscus on Amazon.


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